My Story.

I had hit absolute rock bottom. My personal and professional life had hit rock bottom after spending my entire life morbidly obese. While preparing a lesson for a class I was teaching, I had a moment of clarity that allowed me to put my unhealthy eating in perspective and I realized one thing:

I was living a half-lived life and eating myself to death.

I started my weight loss journey November 2010 and lost my first 200 pounds in one year. Are you interested in how I did it or doing it yourself?

My journey to health started the exact same way yours will: losing one pound.

If you’re like me and have struggled with obesity your entire life, you’ve probably tried every diet and weight loss program under the sun. From North Pole to South Beach, I had tried anything involving shakes, grapefruits, supplements, shakes and juices. Nothing worked for me until I focused on three things:

1) What are your WHYs?

Too many weight loss programs spend 90% of their time focusing on the logistics. If you’re struggling with morbid obesity, the last thing you need to know is how much protein you need to eat. For me, as soon as I had a big enough reason WHY, I was willing to move heaven and earth (and tortilla chips) to reach my goal.

2) What have been your WHY NOTs?

I struggled for years with self-sabotaging behaviors that kept me from achieving my goals. Ultimately, weight loss programs were successful for me for a few weeks and then something would happen that would cause me or the people around me to sabotage my efforts and I would quit. By addressing these factors up front, we can overcome self-sabotaging behaviors.

3) Which HOW works best for you?

Each one of us is different and requires an individualized approach to weight loss. I work with my clients to customize meal plans and a training regimen that will not only work but work for you.

"I Didn't Lose 225 Pounds. I Lost One Pound 225 Times."


If you’re ready to work together, let’s start with one pound together.