Which pain will you pick?

Overcoming obesity requires as great a commitment as it took apathy for me to become obese but in the opposite direction. I was in constant pain. I had heartburn that I thought was cardiac arrest but never went to the doctor to find out (ignorance is bliss). My knees cracked like a bag of popcorn underneath me. My back ached and my soul felt defeated.

Losing weight hurt too. My muscles were sore all the time, the first 30 days adjusting to eating like a “normal” person felt like I was starving because I didn’t understand nutrition yet. My first workouts were embarrassing and because I was ashamed, I didn’t tell anyone so I hardly had any support.

You don’t wake up successful in anything worth happening. You wake up and FIND success. You set your alarm for 4:30 and and get to the gym. You food prep on Sunday. You plan your work and you work your plan. You feel the soreness for the first 30 days.

And after a while, you finally feel like you’re truly alive.

You trade the pains of regret and neglect for the pains of discipline. Discipline becomes strength. Strength becomes mastery and mastery brings true and lasting joy.

And my dear friends, joy tastes a hell of a lot better than Doritos.

You get to pick between the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. Tylenol only works on one of them.

The pain you choose will decide the picture you see.

Choose Your Pain