What created the motivation to transform? What is the catalyst for this kind of a complete 180?

A lot of my friends that knew un-Tinier Tim are always surprised to find out I’m exactly the same person I was before I started this journey over 6 years ago.

Same huge heart that feels too much sometimes.
Same sharp wit that is quick to turn playfully self deprecating.
Same desire to serve and to give.

But something must have changed to create this monumental of a life adjustment, right? How did I go from compulsive food addiction to an example for others who struggle?

The dreams and desires for a healthy life were always there. The ability didn’t grow and I sure as heck didn’t find a miracle pill or shake. I spent my life surrounded by people who believed in and encouraged me. Nothing had changed there either.

I tell my tennis ball story not because that was the inspiration to change or to add. The tennis ball didn’t add anything to my life, dreams or desires.

No, instead the tennis ball took away something from me: the self-limiting belief that I didn’t deserve to be loved by others or myself and to become my truest and greatest self.

So many of us set goals to achieve great things to earn the praise or respect from others or ourselves: The only way I’ll love myself is if I lose weight, get that raise, get the guy/girl, etc..

Newsflash: conditional love is not worth having. It’s the cubic zirconia of love affairs. From far away you can’t tell the difference but deep down you just don’t feel the same special feeling you do for a God made gemstone.

Conditional love leads to conditional change. Conditional change at best only works as long as external forces combine for our good. Lose the weight for a girl and you gain it back the day she’s gone. Do it for the summer and it only lasts for the summer.

But when you make a forever change in the way you see yourself, that’s when the magic changes. Your life becomes a product of your new standards. Someone doesn’t see you for the complete bad ass you know you are? No skin off your back: they aren’t ready for the incredible you that you are. Someone doesn’t treat you with the unconditional respect every human deserves? Oh well. You love you and become yourself every day.

Not everyone will love you when you become yourself. But the only people that matter will love you unconditionally and radically.

And the one who will love you most is that gorgeous soul in the mirror. Love em back on #TransformationTuesday.


Happiest Ever After