One of the biggest challenges for people trying to lose weight is cooking their own meals. If you’re anything like me, there’s a great chance that you do a lot of drive thru dinners (for me, most nights it both dinners came from there).

If you’ve tried to lose weight in the past, there’s a good chance that you started your diet with the best of planning intentions. Maybe you found yourself on Pinterest looking up low carb, paleo or juicing recipes and you’ve pinned so many nutritious foods that within 30 minutes, you feel like you’re already well on your way to weight loss Valhalla.

You make a run to the local organic grocer and spend $5,000 on every green vegetable and

True Story.

meat lovingly raised by monks in open pastures on a diet of pure unicorns. You get home, open up the first pin and get ready to bake your masterpiece.

45 minutes later, you’ve burnt the Open Range Unicorn Filet and your “Zoodles” feel more like mushy oatmeal than noodles. This looks nothing like what you pinned.

“Screw it! Let’s get a pizza,” you decide.

And so it goes.

Ain’t No Thing but a Chicken Wing

Study after study show “a significant association between fast food intake and higher weight in adults, and more than one fast food meal consumed per week was associated with increases in BMI. (USDA April 2012).

Now don’t get me wrong, I get the appeal of the drive thru. When I was obese, I used to tell people:

Healthy cooking doesn’t have to be complicated but there’s two problems with it:

1. Most healthy foods the average person knows taste like cardboard (I’m looking at you chicken breast) and remind us of things we were forced to eat as children.
2. It’s easier to order food than it is to make it. Nothing will ever change that. But it’s unquestionably superior for our health and our weight loss journeys for us to eat inside.

If we are going to eat in, it’s important we eat delicious foods. But how can we do that when Pinterest recipes require 4.5 hours of prep, a Doctorate in Culinary Arts and $5,000 in ingredients?

Going from Basic to Gourmet Chef

I recently had the opportunity to use the Hestan Cue and was blown away by this incredible little device. I even have a coupon code at the bottom of this article for you if you’re interested in getting one yourself. But first a little about it…

Imagine you could spend the day with a trained chef who would give you step by step instructions on when to cut, peel, dice or sauté as well as how to do do all of those things by demonstration. He would even heat the pan for you to the right temperatures, tell you when to stop cooking everything so everything would come out perfectly.

This is exactly what the Hestan Cue offers. It is an induction cooktop that pairs via Bluetooth with a smart pan that connects to an app on your iPhone or Android device.

The app comes with over 100 recipes that are organized by meal or dietary restriction (including a Paleo section!) that allows you to customize your choices.

In the first 5 days, I put this pan through its paces, cooking an incredible Mediterranean carrot dish, a crispy skin Salmon, Ratatouille and bacon.

In each case, I served the dishes to people who have eaten my cooking: the love of my life or my daughters or my mom. And in each case, they said it was one of the best things that I’ve ever cooked for them (and I do a lot of cooking people).

Cooking with the Hestan Cue

Pairing with the app was a complete breeze and I was walked step by step to preparing this incredible dinner for the love of my life on a weekday. Every step from prep to cooking to cleanup has either video or picture documentation and timed beeps and instructions walk you through and the results speak for themselves:

If you are interested in upping your cooking skills and eating healthy at the same time, I’d highly recommend the Hestan Cue. I’ve already suggested the device to a few of my clients and will continue to do so every single time someone tells me they struggle with knowing how to prepare healthy and delicious food without getting bored of the same old chicken breast and broccoli dishes.


The incredible folks at Hestan Cue have decided to offer a discount when you visit this link and use code: healthieryouoncue to receive a $50 discount off your own Hestan Cue purchase at checkout!


Thank you to Hestan Cue for kindly sponsoring this post.
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