“I can’t” is a self fulfilling prophecy and oftentimes, it’s also a lie. We say I can’t instead of “I haven’t been able to in the past” or “it’s not a big enough priority” because it’s safer to use language that makes action a matter of capability instead of willingness and motivation.

Start your week by assuming the feeling of a wish fulfilled. Visualize yourself every minute already at your goal. What would today look like if you already knew you would succeed?

You can and you will achieve your greatest dreams if you can only act as if you’ve already achieved them. In my mind, I hit my goal weight on the first day of my transformation, it just took my body a while to catch up.

If today is your day 1, start with vision, act as if achieving it is a given and never let these words escape your lips again.

You can.

Love Says You Can