What do you believe about yourself and the things that hold you back? When no one is looking or listening, how would you silently describe yourself and the way you feel?

The me on the left felt weaker than the problems in my life. I was terrified of the future, regretful of the past and too distracted faking sanity for the present. Sometimes I ate to distract myself from my own obesity. I’d punish myself for being obese by binging and I’d recover from the binge related guilt with food.

There is a lot that took place from the time I was Old Tim to now. But the first and most empowering thing that happened was a simple declaration: “I need help.”

I found help in encouraging friends, loving family and supportive communities. I found professional help in therapy, coaches and mentors.

Why are we ashamed to ask for help? We all need it, we all want it and with the exception of sociopaths, we all feel better giving it. Even today, I find help in my sweetheart @gracegulley and other family and friends. I can’t do it alone, but I can do anything with them.

It’s never too late to raise your hand. Don’t have anyone? Shoot me a DM. #Squadgoals

Needing Help