Today I want to talk to you about regret. Regret, like all emotions about the past is at face value an unprofitable feeling: you cannot go back and change what has been done. Regret only serves us when it provokes action to inspire a brighter future.

In other words, the sooner we can:
we can find FUTURE RESULTS.

I remember the first time I became mindful that I had become morbidly obese. I was driving down a dirt road when my cell phone went out of service and I was left to drive in silence. In quiet reflection, I felt my legs pushing the pedal and realized that there was a constant pressure on the top of my thighs.

My stomach was pushing them down into the car floor. Like water filling a home, it was expanding into every inch of my clothes and stretching buttons and fibers. I arrived at my destination and was so tired from driving that I couldn’t even get out. So I didn’t.

I couldn’t do my job. I couldn’t live. I believed it was too late. I felt completely powerless to change.

My dear friend and mentor @opalmaraz is always reminding me that where your attention goes, your energy flows. He’s right: when my attention was on my powerlessness, I stayed there. It wasn’t until I stopped feeling the weight of what I had become and started feeling the liberation of what I could be that I started walking down the path that led to my greatest life.

What are you regretting? How can you convert that into hope right now that produces the future you’ve always dreamt of?

For me, that hope helped me lose one pound and started until I lost one pound 225 times.

Where will you let your attention go and energy flow?