This Tuesday, I stared at the bar on a squat rack holding more weight on it than I’d ever put on my back since before my surgeries. It was more weight than I’ve lost. I noticed that the bar appeared to bend a little bit in the middle which was one of the sexiest things I’d ever seen.

“That’s about to go on your back, go down to the ground with me and then you’re going to push it back up through your heels. The Iron Barbell will bend under this weight but you will not,” I thought to myself.

“You are ready,” I said out loud. And under the bar I went.

Down. Legs below parallel. Spring Up with a grunt (once in a while I become that guy). Rack and walk away like it was no big thing.

“You are ready.”

Sometimes I doubt it. Do you doubt it? I want to challenge you today to say those words to yourself. Think of that change you know you should make. Maybe it’s a friendship that you are scared to end. Maybe it’s a change in your life you know you need to start. Perhaps it’s a race you should register for or a class you need to take to get a degree or a certification.

Say it with me this time: “You are ready.”

Sometimes like Voltaire said, we allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good. Something we do isn’t perfect so we hold it in, scared to share it or do it or get under that bar. The voices in our head scream out that we’ll make an idiot out of ourselves or we’ll fail or imagine how our spouse or friend or parent would feel if we didn’t do it just right.

Louder: “You are ready.”

The truth is that there is hardly any difference between great and perfect, but the difference in effort can be enormous. When it’s all said and done, chances are, the only person who will notice that difference is you.

I know I’m ready. Are you?

Next time you’re doubting and the bar is bending, try this affirmation and you may be surprised.


Stop Waiting. You are Ready.