How to Eat on the Road

One of the biggest roadblocks for people trying to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle is a lack of time. Everyone would love to do food prep and bring a lunch every day to work and prepare a fresh dinner every night. But the reality is we are all so busy that it is difficult to actually do that.

Moreover, lunch is an integral social part of the office experience. In my office, I hear coworkers start talking about what they’re going to do for lunch sometimes as much as two hours before the actual time to depart will be. I recently read a tweet from a gal who after going Paleo no longer receives invitation to join her coworkers for lunch. This to me seems crazy because Paleo people can eat pretty much anywhere. Who doesn’t serve meat and vegetables?

I’m guessing that the person had become religiously zealous about it. It reminds me of an old adaptable joke to any lifestyle or religion:

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