COURAGE is not the absence of fear.

Anyone can perform when they aren’t afraid, when there is zero chance they’ll fail or when there’s nothing on the line. The times that will take you and your life from good to great. Fear isn’t the enemy.

No one tells stories about the time they didn’t take the chance. No one brags about the time they didn’t talk to that girl or the time they played it safe.

Courage doesn’t win match but courage always puts us on the path that will lead to finding your authentic self.

That being said, fear is not the enemy. Fear and negativity are like heavy weights on us. Persevering with them, using them, lifting them and using their resistance will create added strength and focus.

What should you do with FEAR? Don’t hide from him. You can invite him to come with you and acknowledge him:

“Hello Fear. How are you my old friend? I feel you poking around in there. Thanks for coming but we’re doing this anyway.”

Then get to work. Let fear come for the drive so you can take the carpool lane but don’t let him drive.

That’s what courage looks like and we are the COURAGEOUS ONES.

The Courageous Ones