For many of us who struggle with obesity and overeating, finding the ability to create lasting change feels insurmountable. The thought of losing 50, 100, 200 or more pounds is a dragon we don’t feel worthy of slaying. Are you ready to start with 1 pound? Here are 3 questions to ask yourself as you get started on your journey:

1. How bad do you want it? To become something more than you are right now will require you to stretch yourself and unless your desire is greater than the pain and struggle required, you won’t stick with it.

2. Are you consistently grinding on your dream? Even if you want it badly enough and you know how accomplish it, you have to execute your plan day by day. There is only one way to lose 100 pounds: 1 pound at a time.

3. Finally, how focused are you on your dreams? The more you pour your attention and channel your energy into your goals, the more likely you are to achieve them. Develop a laser focus and like a single ray of sunshine through a magnifying glass, in time, you will be able to burn through anything in your way. 

Don’t rush the process. Find joy in the journey and make your change forever.

Three Questions