Do you want to know how I’ve kept off 225 pounds for almost 6 years now? It has way more to do with the journey than the destination. Let me explain.

If you wanted to climb a mountain, where would you start? Maybe you’d go to a climbing gym and take lessons. You’d look into getting a list of recommended supplies. If the mountain was big enough, you might even hire a guide. Ultimately it would start with a step and end with a summit. But then you’d go back down and get back to “life”–dealing with the literal and figurative ups and downs of life.

How would it change if you wanted to move to the top of the mountain and live there forever? It would mean making a decision to spend your life on the mountain. You’d have to deal with the challenges inherent in mountain living: the elevation, the weather, the limited access to certain resources like stores and Starbucks. Some of your friends wouldn’t be willing to make the journey.

And that view. Oh, that view. It’s worth it. And you would fall in love with the top of the mountain. You would change your life forever for the mountain, your new home.

The path to self-mastery requires a feat as challenging as reaching a summit: a complete change of lifestyle. It’s the difference between training to climb a mountain and training to live on the mountain. Are you ready to move? It starts with one step. Let’s live here and never stop climbing.

Weight Loss Warrior