Can you go back to your 6 year old self? When someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, you didn’t say an office manager or an accountant. You said Astronaut or Point Guard or President. You didn’t say unhealthy, unhappy or unsuccessful. Whether you’re 6 or 100, nothing has changed. You don’t outgrow dreaming and you can still take action towards worthy pursuits.

I had spent every single one of my 31 years of days emotionally overeating, binging and letting my life go. I felt like these habits were a part of my identity– obesity was my genes, my brain, heart and soul.

Until one day I came to myself and decided to reprogram all the garbage I told myself about who I was and what I was destined for. I dreamt of health and I took repeated action that will never stop.

I Lost One Pound 225 Times.

What is your dream and what is one action can you take today towards that dream?

lose 200 pounds

lose 200 pounds