An investor does not purchase an asset because of how much it is worth today. But what happens when we can’t see the prospective value? We pass.

What happens when we can’t see our own potential value?
What would change in our lives if we could?

In my life, there have been countless times when I felt hopeless and worthless, unworthy of investing in myself. Even after I started losing weight, one of my inspirations, my father passed away after a debilitating stroke. My marriage fell apart. I took the chance to love again, only to be cheated on. I’ve experienced injuries and trials beyond belief.

No one would have blamed me for giving up after any of these events. Everyone would have understood why I would have felt like I wasn’t worth the investment. Take a month off from eating healthy, let yourself go for a little while, it’s understandable.

Your worth is not diminished because someone else cannot see it. You are a miracle, made of the same matter as the universe, with the breath of life flowing through your heart and your soul.

The day you were born, you were endowed with unlimited potential: a blank check to the universe. Only, instead of money, you have the ability to write whatever you’d like on that check. Can you see your value?

What would you change if you could see your unlimited potential right now? Like all acts of faith, the best way to see your unlimited potential is to act on the belief you cannot see and watch it appear in front of your very eyes.

You are (and always have been) worth it.


Write That Check