It turns out that Henry Ford was right the whole time.

A recent survey performed at Stanford found that individuals who believed they had the power to fulfill their goals were more likely to accomplish them than those who didn’t believe they could. There are a few reasons why this may be true.

Maybe you believe in the power of attraction or the universe’s ability to cosmically bring power to you based on your intention. Or perhaps you believe in the power of positive thinking to make us act as if we are able to accomplish them. Regadless of the reason, there is one practice that will make an enormous difference:


You can’t believe in yourself and harbor excuses. You can’t believe in yourself and not act as if you will accomplish your goals.

I struggle because I am used to living in a credit card world. I want the prize now and to pay for it later but that’s not what achievers do. Achievers work BEFORE they receive payment. Achievers act in such a way because they have FAITH that the MIRACLE will come.

Faith is the principle of power in all intelligent beings. Do you want to control your life? Do you want to obtain results? Have faith in yourself, think you can and act as if and I think you’ll be surprised at the results. I know I was.

BELIEVE then ACT. Results will come.

The harvest comes only after you plant and pick. Transformation is waiting for you on the other side. Are you ready?

You are right